Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
    Chemical Properties
      Palladous Fluoride
      Palladous Chloride
      Dichlor-palladous Acid
      Palladium Trichloride
      Palladous Bromide
      Palladous Iodide
      Palladous Oxide
      Hydrated Palladium Sesquioxide
      Hydrated Palladium Dioxide
      Palladium Subsulphide
      Palladium Monosulphide
      Potassium Thio-palladite
      Palladium Disulphide
      Sodium Thio-palladate
      Palladous Sulphate
      Palladous Selenide
      Palladous Selenate
      Palladous Nitrate
      Palladium Cyanide
      Potassium Palladocyanide
      Palladium Monosilicide
    Catalytic Activity
    PDB 1ks4-3np2

Hydrated Palladium Sesquioxide, Pd2O3

Hydrated Palladium Sesquioxide, Pd2O3.xH2O, is conveniently prepared by electrolytic oxidation of palladous nitrate. This is effected by cooling a concentrated solution to 8° C., and electrolysing with a current density of 0.5 amperes per sq. cm. It may also be obtained by ozonising a solution of palladous nitrate.

The hydrated sesquioxide is thrown out as a brown precipitate which may be washed quite pure with ice-cold water. It is unstable, readily soluble in hydrochloric acid, yielding an unstable solution containing palladium trichloride.

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