Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
    Chemical Properties
      Palladous Fluoride
      Palladous Chloride
      Dichlor-palladous Acid
      Palladium Trichloride
      Palladous Bromide
      Palladous Iodide
      Palladous Oxide
      Hydrated Palladium Sesquioxide
      Hydrated Palladium Dioxide
      Palladium Subsulphide
      Palladium Monosulphide
      Potassium Thio-palladite
      Palladium Disulphide
      Sodium Thio-palladate
      Palladous Sulphate
      Palladous Selenide
      Palladous Selenate
      Palladous Nitrate
      Palladium Cyanide
      Potassium Palladocyanide
      Palladium Monosilicide
    Catalytic Activity
    PDB 1ks4-3np2

Palladium Monosilicide, PdSi

Palladium Monosilicide, PdSi, is obtained as brilliant bluish grey fragments on treating any Pd-Si alloy, containing above 60 per cent, of silicon, with dilute potash. The free silicon dissolves, leaving the silicide as residue. Density 7.31 at 15° C.

It is attacked when heated in chlorine or fluorine. In air it tarnishes at dull red heat. Cold nitric acid and aqua regia attack it; caustic alkalies slowly act upon it; whilst hydrochloric and sulphuric acids are without action.

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