Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
    Chemical Properties
      Palladous Fluoride
      Palladous Chloride
      Dichlor-palladous Acid
      Palladium Trichloride
      Palladous Bromide
      Palladous Iodide
      Palladous Oxide
      Hydrated Palladium Sesquioxide
      Hydrated Palladium Dioxide
      Palladium Subsulphide
      Palladium Monosulphide
      Potassium Thio-palladite
      Palladium Disulphide
      Sodium Thio-palladate
      Palladous Sulphate
      Palladous Selenide
      Palladous Selenate
      Palladous Nitrate
      Palladium Cyanide
      Potassium Palladocyanide
      Palladium Monosilicide
    Catalytic Activity
    PDB 1ks4-3np2

Palladous Selenate, PdSeO4

Palladium dissolves in selenic acid to a deep reddish brown solution which, on concentration, yields a mixture of palladous selenate and selenous acid. Pure palladous selenate, PdSeO4, results when palladium is dissolved in a mixture of selenous and nitric acids. It crystallises in dark brownish red, hygroscopic rhombs, and forms double salts with ammonium selenate or sulphate. When warmed with concentrated hydrochloric acid, chlorine is evolved.

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